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  • Your Scarf, Your Style What’s the first image that comes to your mind when someone says SCARF, if that image is bulky, checker double line winter scarf, STOP right here. You are not going to like anything written here. Scarf to me is the luxurious silky touch close to my skin that makes me feel feminine and beautiful. It’s a luxurious piece of cloth that hugs and drapes me in the most sensuous way and yet reminds me of the elegant style of my mom when she always paired it with pearls.

  •         On Monday, They say, Wear a White, Well, Take a Neckerchief and make it all Right For Tuesday, go with the Reds Grab the  Square Scarf  & you are sure to impress Wednesday is really the hump And the Green Twilly will get you through the bump Thursday comes and you have tried So, wear a Yellow stole and take the stride Friday brings the ray of hope Wear that Pink and prepare to elope Saturday is when I meet my girlfriends Have your Blue Shawl and tell them the trends Sunday

  • The idea of using an object to impress repeated designs on cloth can be traced to prehistoric times. The first application of colour to cloth was probably by hand. This progressed to twigs and brushes, then stamps made from clay, metal, and wood. It evolved to the use of hand-carved wooden blocks to print cottons, silks, wools, and rayons. To ensure crisp carving and sharp detail, wood blocks are made by cutting into the end grain of dense woods. The process of hand block printing is very intricate and interesting. The