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Silk is an all climate fabric hence it is perfect for scarves. It is cool to the touch in summers and warm & comfortable in winter.  Silk we source is 100% Mulberry silk. It has a natural protein structure due to which it is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics. Its sheen is luxurious and makes even a simple design on the fabric standout with its changing shades. The shimmering effect of the fabric is due to triangular prism like structure of the silk fabric. The pictures of the scarves are taken with adjusted lighting to cut the sheen but you may still find a slight difference in the colour depending upon the day or night light and this is normal.

Silk comes in different thicknesses & weaves. The thicker the fabric, the more is the cost. We use right thickness for the purpose of the scarf and the kind of printing that is needed on it. Weaves like Twill add to the cost of the fabric.

Silk is a difficult fabric to sew and sometime needs to be hand rolled. Hand Rolling is a laborious process, so it is precious and is used in our exclusive range of silk scarves.

Silk Twill:

Silk Twill usually has a diagonal rib weave but still maintains a silky smooth texture. Silk twill drapes well since it combines the qualities of the twill weave with the natural strength of the silk. When light falls on silk twill it gives a silvery glow. The luxurious look & feel of it combined with beautiful drape makes it an excellent choice for the scarves. Silk Twill is easy to maintain and lasts a long time.

Silk Crepe Satin

Silk Crepe is lightweight fabric made with mulberry silk fibres.  The silk fibres are twisted multiple times in different directions and then woven in a plain-weave fabric. The twisted fibres give crêpe its distinctive look and satiny lustrous sheen.

Silk Crepe de Chine

Silk Crepe de Chine is a soft and supple silk with a beautiful texture as a result of its weave. This fabric is very light and fine yet has a slight friction to the touch leading to the characteristic fall of Crepe de Chine. The silky lustre and slight friction prevents creasing of the fabric hence looks beautiful when draped or gathered together around the neck as a stole.

Silk Paj

Silk Paj has a denser weave but yet it is known for its light weight, making it an ideal choice for Silk scarves and stoles.

Silk Jacquard

Silk Jacquard Fabric is known by its diverse Woven patterns. These are woven with two different threads usually matte and reflective to give that unique contrasting light and dark luster to the fabric and that also ensures that the pattern shows through.  Silk Jacquards are frequently woven with floral, paisley or geometric patterns. This dual weave gives it a  thick and somewhat stiff texture making it ideal for Pocket Squares.

Care for Silk Scarves:

  • Store each silk scarf separately
  • Keep your silk scarf away from sun light and moisture.
  • Hand wash or Dry clean your scarf (refer to individual scarf care instructions on the label)
  • After washing, air dry in shaded area
  • Do not iron your scarves before storing them, this can form creases and in case of delicate fabrics can rip the fabric at the crease. Instead always low iron the scarf, if required, before you use it.

Poly Satin/Polyester

Polyester is a synthetic fabric made by using polyester yarn or fibres. All our polyester scarves are made from high-grade polyester to get you the warmth and touch of silk without the price tag of silk.

Polyester Scarves are silky to the touch. They are naturally bright and look beautiful with our unique designs. They retain shape very well and drape beautifully, hence are a popular choice with youngster sand fashionistas alike, who love to use the same scarf to create different looks.

Polyester is a quick drying fabric and is easy to look after. It can be washed at home.

Please note that people with very sensitive skin might want to avoid the synthetic fabrics like polyester but however try our Pure Silk or Blended fabrics (Silk + Polyester). Polyester is highly flammable, so care needs to be taken, especially if wearing or using 100% polyester close to an open flame.

Silk Blends

Silk blends are created by mixing polyester with silk to get a unique drape and yet maintaining the lustre of silk. We use a perfect blend for each type of scarf for your comfort. Silk blends are easy to maintain, look beautiful and feel luxurious on the skin.

Please follow the care instructions regarding the maintenance a given on each scarf .

Pure Wool

Winter is here and he have got you the 100% Pure Wool from Kashmir, India. Kashmir is known for its Cottage Industry (Small Artists selling to the Customers directly). Textile looms are a common site. 100% Lamb Wool is used in Read more about Screen/Block Printing in our New Blog Post here 

Hemming on our Scarves:

Hemming of the scarf is an important feature of the scarf and gives an insight to the detailing and the quality of the merchandise. Depending on the fabric, the decision is made to either have Machine Rolled Edges or Hand Rolled. The Manual Machine Rolled Edges feature in most of our scarves but in case of premium silk range of scarves, we use Hand Rolled hemming to ensure that the fabric gets the care it needs.


Machine Rolled Hemming is done individually and firmly using exclusively designed machines. The process is quality checked before it is brought to our customers.

Manual Edge Rolling is a laborious process. A skilled worker can only finish 10 pieces of hand rolling in a day, so it is precious and is used in our exclusive range of silk scarves.