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Your Scarf, Your Style

What’s the first image that comes to your mind when someone says SCARF, if that image is bulky, checker double line winter scarf, STOP right here. You are not going to like anything written here.

Scarf to me is the luxurious silky touch close to my skin that makes me feel feminine and beautiful. It’s a luxurious piece of cloth that hugs and drapes me in the most sensuous way and yet reminds me of the elegant style of my mom when she always paired it with pearls. Not to forget that subtle eye contact that she would have with my dad, thanking him for gifting her that expensive piece of floral marvel, those are some of the personal memories etched in my subconscious that makes me always go and look for that perfect piece for myself and my friends young and old.

In public domain, no one has epitomised a silk scarf better than Audrey Hepburn.  She loved a scarf and is known to have worn it to her wedding too instead of a more traditional lace veil.


Elizabeth Taylor made it into a classic neckerchief and with her grace, elegance and bold style it became the accessory of the modern women.


Scarf Style of the Century

For decades after that square scarf took a back seat and the oblong versions of the scarf have been in fashion. Even Silk version of the scarf took a back seat for a while and a cotton or mixed fabric took its place. Here on Scarf was no more a luxury, it was a necessity and it was versatile. It added colour to your attire on a budget and it was useful to fend against the weather, hot or cold. Draping it around your arms or using it like a sarong has been added to its uses. That gradually brought in the Silk version of the stole as well for those elites who cared for style,comfort and luxury. Theses were used along with the evening wear as shawls or wraps.


Our Silk Stoles  and Blends there in, are versatile, stylish and elegant with gorgeous prints to make you stand out even in that simplistic attire of yours. Silk Stoles go well with long coats in winter and feel luxurious and warm on the skin. While in summer, the silk is cool to the touch and gives you an edge in style quotient.

In the recent times, the Square Silk Scarf has made its way back in style and has been showcased in recent fashion shows.

Check out this latest article in Vogue – The Return of the Silk Scarf

The beautiful prints on square luxurious fabric in various sizes have been showcased and have taken the fashion world by the the storm. Catering to this demand for Silk Luxurious Scarves, below we showcase our range of scarfs and different styles of using them. Take your own inspiration and create your own style.

The Small neckerchief looks great with a casual look and also with that formal Lady look

The 90x90cm Square Silk Scarves are ideal and more versatile in their use. Below are a few classic styles of using them

Wrap it around the neck leaving the noose hanging to display the beautiful hemming and sharp print on the corners.

Square Silk Scarf


Or Drape around the shoulders with a small knot to make it into a bolero.


Pure Silk Square Scarf


For a more formal look, wear it lightly knotted around the neck with a flower like spread in the front.



100% Pure Silk Crepe Satin

We also have the great selection of 130cm x130cm Large Square Pure Silk Twill range. This is the fabric used by big brands in their premium scarves. If you ask me, it is a Must Have for every Successful Women.

Large Square Silk Twill


Check out our wide range of scarves and Create Your Own Style, after all it’s Your Scarf Your Style


images courtesy of Pixabay